J.Y. Park discusses JYP Entertainment role as a “Big 3” Korean agency

Singer and JYP Entertainment founder J.Y. Park (Park Jin Young) recently spoke on his role in the K-pop industry, and his thoughts on his company, which is considered as one of the “Big 3” along with YG Entertainment and SM Entertainment.When asked how he feels about being one of the “Big 3,” he stated that “I’m not nervous, but I want to get my job done slowly and rightfully. The current period is a very good time for both me and the employees,” showing his truthful, undiluted mind.

J.Y. Park also stressed that the company should be operated in the format of a record label company when asked about how he feels about the musicians of JYP Entertainment working on other composers’ songs instead of his own.

Although he is one of the “Big 3”, J.Y. Park also had his ups and downs, especially during Wonder Girls’ activities in the United States. “I saw despair in 2008 after the recession, when the projects I had worked on for days and nights were cancelled within moments.” He shared that it took him at least a month to recover from the shock.

But he did not stop there – instead, he pushed forward and started reforming the business. J.Y. Park told the interviewers about various lessons he learned when he was in the United States. “We started by making a sub-label for the composers. The mission of the business was to find the next J.Y. Park, not to increase our profits.

Outside of his own musical career, J. Y. Park is most known for his position as the CEO of JYP Entertainment and having discovered acts such as 2PM and miss A.

Source: OSEN