J.Y. Park impresses with his hard work in “Who’s Your Mama” BTS video

Despite being a very successful businessman, J.Y. Park impressed fans by showing his hard work and professionalism in a behind the scenes video from his latest music video.

The head of JYP Entertainment’s latest song “Who’s Your Mama” has been performing incredibly well on the charts, but he has also caught the attention of fans for his humorous and well-shot music video. Despite the easy-going appearance of the video, however, J.Y. Park revealed that some scenes weren’t as simple as they appear.

The behind-the-scenes video started with a clip from the music video, which featured the singer and businessman helping several women work out. Although the scene was a single take scene that made it appear as if J.Y. Park was in two places at once, the video later revealed that the singer had to rush from one place to the other while the camera panned to another part of the room.

Despite having to re-shoot the scene due to timing, however, J.Y. Park seemed glad to do it, and his energy and humor filled the room. Make sure to check out the short behind the scenes video from J.Y. Park’s “Who’s Your Mama” below!