J.Y. Park joins Instagram to share the newest addition to his family

The producer and singer joined the popular social media and has taken to the new platform to share photos of his puppies.

On June 9th, J.Y. Park finally joined Instagram and greeted fans with a photo of his adorable puppy “Walnut” and shared the story of his two pets through his four posts.

The first post is of Walnut mid-yawn as the puppy sits cutely on the floor simply captioned “Instagram start! #jyp Instagram start [in Korean] Commemorating the start with a post of Walnut!

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He then comes to post two photos of Pie, his first puppy, explaining describing how he came to adopt Pie, in Korean and English.

“2 years ago, I decided to adopt a female puppy ‘Pie’, which I named after his color. I never imagined that I’ll raise a puppy but I guess people do change. It happened when partying started to get a little less interesting…”


His most recent post left fans squealing over Walnut as he explained that he adopted the second puppy to keep Pie company!

“Then I decided to adopt another puppy because I felt bad for all the time that Pie spends alone when I’m out. It was a male puddle ‘Hodu(Walnut)’ named after his color :)”

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Check out J.Y. Park on Instagram at @asiansoul_jyp!