J.Y. Park jokes about name change from JYP to SJ Entertainment for Suzy

J.Y. Park has appeared for the recording of KBS 2TV’Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook with his recent hit track “Who’s Your Mother” featuring Jessi.

During the short interview segment, J.Y. Park was asked a series of questions. When he was asked what his secret was to maintaining such a fan base, he answered, “You never know what the public will choose. I give up on the results and stick to the process diligently.” Then MC Yoo Hee Yeol humorously mentioned, “The JYP narration comes out in every song did not come out this time. I guess that’s why it was a hit,” and turned the audience members into laughter. 

J.Y. Park also explained how Jessi became the featuring artist for the track. He stated, “Prior to the release, Suzy wanted to hear to the song and recommended Jessi for the featuring. I need to listen to Suzy. We even had a talk to change JYP to SJ Entertainment for Suzy.”

Lastly, J.Y. Park commented on his decision to comeback alongside his agency’s girl group miss A, “It’s better off making a comeback with a popular agency artist. If I comeback when my agency artists are in a slump, then some would criticize me for doing so at such a time.”

Meanwhile, J.Y. Park, singer and CEO of JYP Entertainment, has made a hit comeback with “Who’s Your Mother.” Featuring rapper Jessi has also garnered huge attention with her recent starring in Unpretty Rapstar.

Source: Xports News