J.Y Park makes a heartfelt update on Esther Kim’s “K-Pop Star 4” exit

K-Pop Star 4 contestant Esther Kim have been dropped from this season of the show and this inflicted much sadness on J.Y Park.

Esther Kim is a young contestant from the United States with very powerful and colorful vocals. She captured the hearts of the judges and viewers by singing 2NE1’s “Come Back Home” and Sam Smith’s “I’m Not The Only One,” further receiving a compliment from the Sam Smith himself.

During the run of the program, J.Y Park was observed to have been supporting Esther Kim since the beginning and evidently shared his feelings publicly on Twitter following her exit.

The Twitter post says, “When I heard Esther Kim’s song for the first time, I immediately thought that her talent was beyond amazing, but there was was a feeling that she put her heart in a box and put it away. I also became curious of the pain you can see in her eyes.

As the show continued, we were able to hear the story about how her father passed a way and it made sense why her heart was locked away in a box.

She was able to honestly share her feelings on the story of her father as the show program progressed, and she was able to win and overcome these burdens.

Though she is leaving the show today, you can’t find any darkness or pain in her eyes and she said her good-bye’s with a bright and free-spirited smile. In her words, I too wonder who will come out top the on K-Pop Star?”

Check out some of her popular performances here: