J.Y. Park praises upcoming solo artist G.Soul’s 15 years of passion

Following the release of G.Soul’s video teaser for his solo debut, J.Y Park (Park Jin Young) shared his own sentiments of the G.Soul finally debuting on his personal SNS account.

In a lengthy post published on his Twitter account on January 9th, the music producer recited G.Soul’s long road of training and the hardship he bared throughout the past 15 years, sharing G.Soul’s utmost passion for music and never ending battle to become an artist.

“15 years of passion.

In 2001 I met a boy. A 6th grader who was too shy to even look at people in the eye, but to everyone’s surprise from his lips flowed music that was extremely soulful.

From a poor family, he had saved his bus fare for two months walking to school and bought a Boyz II Men tape. He listened to the tape until the film wore out, and naturally the groove and flow was instilled into the boy.

Surprised at his talents, I sent him to America to study. I could only fund him so much because he was only a trainee, but he overcame all difficulties and grew, and his music grew to a point where Americans were astounded when they hear him. He was soon set to debut in America with one of the best producers in USA.

However, during the process, the collapse of the Lehman Brothers took place and all American labels cut off high risk projects. JYP’s projects were one of them. We all decided to head back to Korea.

The boy, however, wanted to stay. He said he had much more to learn. I tried to tell him that if he went to debut in Korea he would be able to take the top with his skills but he was resolved to stay.

With lacking support from the company, he waded through the underground music scene of America.

The boy, after nine years of studies, came back with 20 songs he produced and I could not believe my years. The shy boy from 20 years ago had turned into an amazing artist.

His past, family’s poverty, and the loneliness he must have felt, none of these things could stop his passion for his music.

Everyone I would like to introduce to you. G.Soul.”