J.Y. Park reveals how much it cost to produce TWICE

On a recent episode of Sister’s Slam Dunk, JYP Entertainment’s Min Hyo Rin took the cast of the show on a visit to her agency where J.Y. Park divulged just how much is costs to produce a girl group.

Aired on May 6th, Ra Mi Ran, Kim Suk, Hong Jin Kyung, Jessi, Min Hyo Rin and Tiffany met up with JYP Entertainment’s founder J.Y. Park.

During one of their discussion, Ra Mi Ran said, “If you promise to produce us, we will pay you, we don’t expect it for free,” to which J.Y. Park gave a shocking answer. “To produce a girl group with one new song, it costs 500 million won ($427,500 USD).”


Source: Newsen