J.Y. Park snaps a photo and gives shout-out for McKay’s solo debut

Producer and survival show K-pop Star fixed judge J.Y. Park (JYP) recently showed his support for K-pop Star alumnus McKay’s solo debut through a shout-out on Twitter and taking a photo with the singer.

On February 6th, McKay posted a photo with J.Y. Park on his personal Facebook page, demonstrating the closeness between the two, and captioned it, “It was great to see you again 박진영 PD 님 (Park Jin Young PD-nim)! I hope you can rock out to the song and I’ll see you soon! Thank you!”

In addition, upon the release of McKay’s debut music video for “Angel 2 Me” featuring Jeff Bernat, J.Y. Park tweeted the music video and complimented both McKay and the track’s producer Shin Seung Hun, saying, “Seunghun-hyung producer, congratulations on this release! Shin Seung Hun jjang McKay jjang. McKay you’ve improved a lot ^^

J.Y. Park first met the singer on K-pop Star 2 when McKay was part of the trio Raccoon Boys, and gave many positive comments and advice to the singer. It seems that the judge is glad to see McKay finally making his big debut!

Congratulations McKay!