J.Y Park talks about his intimate relationship with Jackson in “#hashtag”

On April 13th, J.Y Park became the 49th artist to feature in 1theK’s #hashtag interview for his comeback with “Who’s Your Mama.”

In this interview, the CEO and producer gave fans an honest look into his personality as he answered various questions.

While he praised featuring artist Jessi for her “ddanddara” ability, the artist also spoke on the inspiration for the “dirty and sexy” new tracks in his 24/34 album.

J.Y Park soon launched into his history and entrance into the entertainment industry which started with a night of drinking and a scouting to become a backup dancer. However, he soon put the seriousness aside as he was asked about the relationship he had with his label’s artists.

The CEO went on to share stories regarding GOT7 member Jackson who was revealed to have broken the informal policy of younger artists addressing the former as “PD” instead of a more intimate “hyung.” Additionally, it turns out that Jackson often complained to J.Y Park over text about his slow replies and lack of emoji. Even the producer seemed to have trouble keeping a straight face while telling this tale.

Furthermore, he was shown a hilarious segment of 15&’s interview in which the duo imitated him while making strange humming sounds. After an explanation of this sound, he left a special message for Jimin as well.

Take a look at his interview here: