Jace makes groovy solo comeback with “Hashtag” ft. Yang Da Il and Minos

On May 14th, Jace of Miss $ released her solo track “Hashtag” featuring Yang Da Il and Minos.

Following a previous announcement and image teaser, the Unpretty Rapstar competitor finally dropped her latest solo track following a four-year hiatus.

Composed by the musical genius behind MONSTA X’sTrespass” and Jimin N J.Don’sGOD,” ASSBRASS, “Hashtag” highlights Jace’s easygoing flow. With featurings by Yang Da Il and Minos, the track carries an R&B feeling in its piano instrumentals and bass line.

The three artists seem to be having fun while filming the music video as they circle around the set’s DJ table and cozy sofa.

Check out her music video here:

Source: TV Report