Jacket cover for Untouchable’s upcoming album “Cigarette & Liquor” released

On January 14th, TS Entertainment revealed the cover image of the upcoming Untouchable album, Cigarette & Liquor.

Sleepy from Untouchable revealed their comeback on January 13th via a picture showing himself and his partner The Action, in the studio. Now, additional information has been released regarding the album.

Cigarette & Liquor will be released on January 16th and will be their 8th digital single album. It will contain the songs “I’m Drunk” and “Backwards Cigarette,” as well as the instrumentals of each respective song.  It is said that The Action was very involved with this album as he took part in producing both songs.

Additionally, rapper Outlaw is featured in “Backwards Cigarette,” which is a fusion of hip-hop and jazz accompanied by a mellow melody line. Outlaw’s rapping is said to synergize well with Untouchable to create an amazing track.

Source: TS Entertainment