Jaejoong shows his manly and filial side after a month in the army

It has been one month since JYJ‘s Jaejoong enlisted into the army and he has now graduated from basic military training!

After officially joining the military service on March 31st, Jaejoong has been spotted on May 7th graduating as a recruit and moving on to becoming a private soldier.

According to photos revealed by Jaejoong’s elder sister and a photographer of CF Studio, which closely features photos of his private life, his parents were invited to the graduation ceremony. With Parents’ Day happening on May 8th, Jaejoong made use of the opportunity to pin carnation flowers onto his parents’ chests, showing his loving side as a son.

With the release of the photos, many are commenting on how Jaejoong looks more manlier and mature one month after being an active soldier. While he was in the army, a heartfelt letter written to his elder sister was also revealed, showing the intimate relationship with his family members.

Jaejoong is expected to be discharged from the military service on December 30, 2016.