Jang Dong Min doesn’t like the differential treatment between singers and comedians on variety shows

During KBS2‘s new show, Make a Decision to Watch the Live Broadcast, comedian Jang Dong Min shared that he dislikes the differential treatment given to comedians versus singers on variety shows.

He made this comment while watching an episode of SBS‘s variety show, Running Man, with his family during the second episode of Make a Decision to Watch the Live Broadcast. He claimed “when an actor or singer appears as a guest on a show like this, the reaction is ‘wow~” but when a gagman or gagwoman is the guest, the reaction is ‘what is this.’ I really hate it.

However, he also expressed his gratitude towards the show, saying that Chinese viewers now recognize him and even know his name after his appearance on Running Man, due to the show’s popularity in China and Southeast Asia.

He also said that before appearing on the show, he used to think that entertainers “made money while playing” while watching variety shows like Running Man, but after shooting an episode, he realized how difficult it was.

Source: TV Daily