Jay Park busts out impressive dance moves for “Candy Crush Soda” CF

Building off his reputation as an artist with swagger and attitude, Jay Park surprised fans with a commercial for popular mobile game Candy Crush Soda Saga.

The short 30-second commercial starts off with the rapper showing off his dance moves in a dark room while describing something that requires “feel, technique, rhythm, and action.” As he dances with his crew, however, fans should notice that Jay Park is holding his phone through every move.

After performing several moves and a climactic pop, however, the video takes a turn with a change in music and the reveal that the rapper was actually describing Candy Crush Soda Saga the entire time.

Taking a break from his dancing, Jay Park shows off his impressive gaming skills by eliminating the entire board and gaining hundreds of points in the game.

The video just goes to show, Jay Park is always full of surprises. The rapper recently released the music video for his track “All I Got Time For,” and was also featured in Ga In’s “Apple.”

Make sure to check out Jay Park’s surprising CF for Candy Crush Soda below!