Jay Park claims to take his shirt off to communicate with the audience

Jay Park revealed that he takes his clothes off onstage when he spots a woman that he likes in the audience.

On the May 22nd episode of Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook, Jay Park was joined by fellow AOMG label mates Gray and Loco, where they talked what they do on stage when they like a woman in the audience.

Loco shared his story saying, “If the response is good, I would go over to that area, take her cell phone and take a selca or video,” which led him to comment that Jay Park just takes off his clothes.

In his defence, Jay Park said, “It’s not taking my clothes off, it’s just my shirt” and revealed that he only does this to create a good atmosphere onstage. However, he explained that because of the good audience response, his mood also goes up and he just eventually takes his top off.

Meanwhile, Jay Park is currently busy releasing tracks such as “Sex Trip” and “MOMMAE” and is filming Show Me The Money 4 as a judge.

Source: TVReport