Jeon In Kwon and Dok2 release collaboration track “That’s My World” for Punch OST

1llionaire rapper Dok2 and Korean rock star Jeon In Kwon have formed an unlikely duo for a new OST single “That’s My World” from the SBS drama, Punch.

For rock group Deulgukhwa‘s vocalist Jeon In Kwon, this is the first OST track he has worked on in 13 years. “That’s My World” was originally a song by the famous rock group’s first album in 1985, and was written by band member Choi Sung Won.

Jeon In Kwon revealed that he had watched the drama before recording and had “spent a lot of time deciding which emotions to bring out for this song.” For this version, he uses a new style of singing and collaborates with Dok2’s rap skills to add a fresh, trendy feel to the old 1980’s track.

“That’s My World” was released on December 26th through various online music sites, including Naver Music. The Punch OST single features two tracks in total and includes an orchestra version of the song.

The track was featured on the fourth episode of Punch, which aired on December 23rd, during a sad scene by actor Kim Rae Won‘s character Park Jung Hwan.

Jeon In Kwon, who recently formed the Jeon In Kwon Band earlier this year, plans to hold a concert in Seoul at Yonsei University’s Baekyang Concert Hall on December 30-31st.

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Source: NEWSis