Jessi gives Han Chae Ah a hiliarious hip hop makeover

On the March 4th episode of MBC’s I Live Alone, Lucky J’s Jessi and Han Chae Ah showed off their close relationship as the latter underwent a hiliarious makeover.

Although it is known among her fans that Jessi is not quite a makeup guru, she still took her chance and gave the actress a complete makeover.

The girls began with makeup as Han Chae Ah became more and more shocked with every layer that Jessi chose to add to her regular makeup routine. Makeup down, the two migrated to Jessi’s closet as Han Chae Ah donned one of Jessi’s own stage outfits with an old school hip hop vibe.

Jessi then turned down the lights as the two took over a mini entertainment room, showing off their silly dance moves to the freestyle rap.

Check out the video here: