Jessi praises Yuk Ji Dam as “2nd Yoon Mi Rae” on “Unpretty Rap Star”

Lucky J’s Jessi recognized and made note of Yuk Ji Dam’s growing talent as a rapper on the latest episode of Mnet’s Unpretty Rap Star, praising her competitor in a side interview. 

The second episode of the all-female rap competition aired on February 5th, where Yuk Ji Dam showed off her powerful rapping skills with her self-written lyrics.

During a side interview on the show, Jessi said, “Honestly, besides me, Yuk Ji Dam has the most potential. She’s still an amateur, but wait ten years. She could possibly be the next Yoon Mi Rae.”

Unpretty Rap Star airs once a week on Thursday via Mnet and Naver Cast, and features rappers Cheetah, Tymee, Yuk Ji Dam, Lil Cham, AOA’s Jimin, Lucky J’s Jessi, Kissum, and Jolly V.

Source: Sports Donga