[★TRENDING] Jessica hints at Girls’ Generation’s latest comeback concept?

The members of Girls’ Generation‘s love to tease fans about their upcoming music releases with very subtle hints on their teasers just as they did with “Catch Me If You Can,” and this time it’s no different.

Looking at the all of their Instagram accounts as a whole (minus Yoona, who has yet to open one), a similar concept seems to emerge regarding stars. Could their Korean comeback concept be related to stars?


Even one follower on Tiffany‘s Instagram spoke up on the girl group’s trend, writing, “Is the song this time about stars??? Unnis are uploading a lot of things related to stars on Insta and Shim Jae Won (SM Performance Director and Choreographer) uploaded 8 stars too. It’s just guesses at this point but if its star related to ‘Twinkle’ or ‘Star Star Star’…? Hehe, let’s just wait and see.”

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Other SONEs have also wondered if in a some way, former member Jessica is showing her support for the group’s comeback as in the past week, she has also posted a photo on Instagram related to stars.

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Under closer inspection, however, it doesn’t seem likely that Jessica’s post was related to Girls’ Generation’s comeback as the BLANC & ECLARE Creative Director was in Thailand at the time for a fan meeting and the hashtag included in the post, #leelawadee, is also a massage business located in Thailand.

Girls’ Generation’s is no doubt preparing their comeback as an eight-member group as member Seohyun recently shared photos of herself holding a mic in what seems to be and is most likely the famous “cloud” practice room found at SM Entertainment.

They are expected to make a comeback in June.