[★TRENDING] Jessica Jung bursts into tears at recent fan event in Korea

As Jessica held her first pop-up store opening for BLANC & ECLARE with fan meet and fan sign event in Korea, she showed tears of appreciation towards her supportive fans.

On December 22nd, Jessica met with a group of about 100 fans at an event held at the opening of the first Korean pop-up store for BLANC & ECLARE, the fashion designer and artist’s brand, at the Seoul Lotte Cinema Avenual mall.

The star arrived approximately 50 minutes late to the event in which she apologized for by rushing in after a short “photo time” and announcing, “Thank you for coming. I was really late, wasn’t I?

Many of the event attendees, a lot of which consisted of male fans as well as fans from overseas, posted several accounts stating how it was evident that Jessica felt sorry for her tardiness and worked hard to make it up to fans by showing a great time of fan service.

It has been reported that the star put in all of her efforts to try to look into the eyes of every fan and smile as she signed autographs for them as well as give high-fives and hugs to each and every one. By the time Jessica had finished signing the last fan’s autograph, a special event was carried out by the audience of fans.

Every single fan shouted, “Jessica, let’s be happy!” while holding up placards with the same text, sending the star into tears. Jessica then replied with a breaking voice, “How many times are you guys going to make me cry?

Feeling touched and encouraged by her loving fans, the star continued her teary speech, “Thank you so much. I will read every single letter [that you guys have given me] and I will make sure that we get to meet each other often like this,” in which the fans responded back with a loud, “We love you!

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Source: My Daily