[★VIDEO] Jessica Jung filmed dancing along to Girls’ Generation’s “Mr. Taxi”

With Jessica Jung gaining more appearances in China, an episode caught her dancing to along to Girl’ Generation’s “Mr. Taxi.” 

Appearing on Hunan TV’s Day Day Up as guest recently, fans managed to capture a clip Jessica Jung clapping with glee as a contestant danced along to “Mr. Taxi.” This remains sensitive to fans of both parties alike following her leave from the group and agency, SM Entertainment.

In the short clip circulating online, Jessica Jung,along with the rest of the celebrity panel watched a performance of a male contestant dancing to “Mr. Taxi.” The male contestant is reportedly a fan of Jessica Jung, himself.  During the performance, however, the camera found the singer smiling and clapping her hands, seemingly dancing along to the track.

This left to fans to positively comment towards her gesture, while some expressed their longing for the singer to be part of the group once more.

This was also the same episode where Jessica Jung met with former SM Entertainment artist, Wu Yifan.