Jessica Jung is a nervous “Ice Princess” for Chinese variety show “Yes! Coach”

Jessica Jung is a nervous “Ice Princess” as she passes the scrutiny of professional swimmer, Sun Yang. 

Since leaving Girls’ Generation early this year and officially departing from SM Entertainment to focus on her own activities, Jessica Jung remains busy in managing her own clothing line and promoting them to a number of campaigns and photoshoots. However, this time, she teases fans with a preview from her new project as she appears on an upcoming sports variety show, Yes! Coach. 

The initial trailer released hinted on Jessica Jung’s episode where she attempted to participate in vigorous training as she tries her hand in a swimming competition. In recent photos released, however, the singer was seen being trained by professional swimmer Sun Yang, as she remains her chic posture while attempting to learn the precise swimming strokes.

Check out the preview photo below!

Sports Chosun
Sports Chosun

Source: SportsChosun