Jessica Jung shocks fans with revealing see-through shirt at latest event

Jessica Jung’s latest fashion choice has had many people talking after she appeared at a recent fashion event, her daring choice in shirt becoming a hot topic.

Photos of the event were released through Hallyu Times’ Weibo on January 28th, and revealed Jessica posing and waving to her audience as she stands against the press wall and background.

With her beautiful long hair waving down her back and shoulder, Jessica takes on a daring fashion of a white, laced pattern shirt that is see through, accompanied with black leather, skinny pants. Her see through shirt exposes her black bra underneath.

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “Jessica, so bold,” “Jackpot,” “Only in China can you be bold like that,” and “Jessica, you look great.”

After her withdrawal from Girls’ Generation last year, Jessica has been actively promoting her new brand BLANC & ECLARE, attending several fashion events and holding fan sign events.

Source: Sports Seoul