Jessica Jung’s interview with Sohu Fashion regarding “BLANC & ECLARE”

Sohu Fashion had the chance to sit down with Jessica Jung, who has been busy promoting her brand BLANC & ECLARE.

On December 8th, Sohu Fashion shared the interview they had with Jessica Jung. While Jessica Jung was in Shanghai, Sohu Fashion got a chance to sit down and hear her current plans and routes she plans to take. In the interview, readers can see how Jessica feels about BLANC & ELCARE as well as juggling her singing and designing careers.

Sohu Fashion: Hello Jessica, let’s first start with greeting the viewers of Sohu Fashion.

Jessica: Hello everyone, I’m Jessica

SF: Is this your first trip to Shanghai? What do you think of the city?

J: I have been to Shanghai before but have not had the opportunity to see the city. This time I have the time to stroll around Shanghai and I love this city – the food, the architecture, and even the iconic historical buildings, it is truly great. I would like to return to Shanghai as often as possible.

SF: I heard that you have always supported charities for children, can you tell us about that?

J: I love to give back, and supporting charities is an important part of my heart. Through BLANC & ECLARE and UNICEF, we have invested a lot of energy into our partnership. I only hope that we can make an impact on the lives that we touch through our actions.

SF: Let’s talk about your self-made brand BLANC & ECLARE. How did you decide on transitioning from a singer to a designer?

J: I believe that deep down, I always had a personal dream of becoming a designer. I found myself often making alterations to my clothes, and at the time I still had that dream of designing. What I’m trying to say is that at the moment I’m not planning on giving up on being a singer; singing still holds many interesting areas.

SF: Does the name of your brand have a story behind it?

J: The idea behind the brand name and logo definitely took much time and effort to develop. We researched different languages, roots, and meanings before coming up with the current BLANC & ECLARE.

SF: What is the brand’s image and style?

J: We hope to establish BLANC & ECLARE as a timeless brand because our style is classic while still committed to the details to create a simple yet elegant style.

SF: As a budding designer, are there any particular outfits or styles that you usually wear?

J: I don’t believe that there is ever any drastic change in my taste. I like to dress for the for the occasion. I won’t let the fact that I am a designer affect the style in which I dress to flaunt that of my label.

SF: Can you recommend some of this year’s hottest style of sunglasses?

J: The sunglasses that we designed suit different tastes and styles. I believe we are about to launch new colors and new designs in the next few quarters that will be refreshing and enticing. I’m very proud of how well the market responded to our first set of classic sunglasses – you must know that these three designs can be worn by both men and women. They sold especially well in Seoul, New York, and Shanghai (which the styles are named after).

SF: Are there any designers that you greatly admire?

J: Yes, the famous Yves Saint Laurent. His passion and aesthetic is something I learn from and is the source of inspiration for fashion.

SF: What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of crossing into fashion as a singer?

J: I do not intend to leave music immediately. I believe that music and fashion have many similarities. Both require attention to detail, originality, and the audience. Aspects I have learned in the field of music have helped me deal with the many complex aspects of the fashion world.

SF: When you face setbacks or unexpected situations, how do you deal with it?

J: Difficulties and setbacks are inevitable, they are a part of life. Learning how to grow from them are the most important – how to turn sorrow into joy, frustration into motivation.

Jessica Jung recently modeled for her latest scarf collection and shows a glimpse of what is to be expected from BLANC & ECLARE. During her stay in China, Jessica Jung has also received the Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards and personally thanked her fans.

Jessica Jung
Photo:Sohu Fashion.

Source: Sohu Fashion