Jewelry’s Yewon states she starves herself when trying to lose weight

Jewelry member Yewon has revealed some shocking information about her diet plans with a surprisingly hilariously twist on a recent episode of jTBC‘s Take Care of My Refrigerator.

On the January 5th episode of Take Care of My Refrigerator, top Korean models Han Hye Jin and Lee Hyun Yi revealed their dieting secrets to maintaining their slim bodies.

The two models listed boiled eggs and baked sweet potatoes as their main daily food sources, saying, “We are limited to mainly eating boiled eggs and sweet potatoes. We can also eat salads or fruit salads. We can sometimes eat half a pack of ramen and can only eat the egg whites of an egg. When we want to eat carbohydrates, we’ll substitute bread and rice for vegetables such as broccoli.

When the MC of the show, Kim Sung Joo, asked Yewon if she along with other idols abided by a similarly strict diet plan, the Jewelry member answered, “I just don’t eat anything and let myself starve,” leaving the audience and viewers in shock.

However, just as the idol made her comment about starving herself, fellow show host Jung Hyung Don blurted out a hilarious statement, “But I saw Yewon drinking a whole bunch of caramel macchiato the other day!

In response to this, Yewon laughed and stated, “But drinking only caramel macchiato helps me to not eat more of anything else,” in which model Han Hye Jin replied, “Yewon is drinking coffee when she should be getting nutrients from other healthy foods. Drinking the coffee will only increase her intake of calories. I for one can’t starve myself from actual food.”

Many netizens left both positive and negative comments, stating, “It isn’t something to brag about when you say that you starve yourself to be skinny,” “It’s evident that Yewon enjoys eating, I don’t think she should have to lie about starving. She’s great as is,” and, “Please don’t starve yourself. That’s the most unhealthy thing to do to your body!

Source: Newsen