[★TRENDING] Ji Suk Jin looked like another “Running Man” member when he was 21 years old?

On June 10th, Ji Suk Jin shared a picture of himself when he was just 21 years old. However, the focus of everyone’s attention shifted after it was discovered that he looked like another Running Man member.

Shortly after the picture was posted on Ji Suk Jin’s personal Weibo account, fans flooded the comment section of the post, noting that he resembled fellow Running Man cast member Kim Jong Kook!

Fans left playful comments such as, “Hahaha, why do I think that he resembled Kim Jong Kook without the muscles?”, “Your 21-year-old self wouldn’t be able to rip the name tag off of a 70-year-old Kim Jong Kook,” and “The nose is still the same nose!

Source: Weibo