Jinusean’s Sean brings YG Entertainment’s BOPCHA to Sejong Village

On December 12th, Sean of Jinusean, a first generation YG hip-hop duo, shared his moments with YG BOPCHA at Sejon Village.

Sean wrote on his personal Instagram, “YG Entertainment’s Bopcha. Why does a Bopcha look so good! Shared food taste so good! YG Bopcha at Sejong Village Purme Center.” He updated several pictures along with the caption as well. He added, “We shared tasty YG food for the handicapped children and their parents. We heard 150 people will be attending but the word got out and 300 showed up. Aunties and all YG employees, good work! I thank you as the honorary ambassador of the Purme foundation! I was happier than ever today.”

In the picture below, Sean poses in front of the YG BOPCHA. He has prepared food with employees and even took part in distributing food to those who attended.

Meanwhile, Sean is scheduled to attend the MBC‘s Infinite Challenge “Saturday Saturday Singers” episode and SBS’ Healing Camp with his actress and wife Jung Hye Young. The lovely couple have been garnering attention by the public as role-models with their generous charity works in the past years and adorable family.

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Source: Osen