Jinyoung is the latest B1A4 member to join Instagram!

B1A4’s Jinyoung is the fourth member of the boy group to join Instagram and to initiate his new SNS, the idol posted two bright selcas with news about his drama!

Jinyoung follows members Baro, CNU, and Gongchan onto the platform with a selca to which he captioned “It’s the day before meeting Ray Kim everyone~~! Watch Perseverence Goo Haera when it airs this Friday at 11:20PM~!! #PerseveranceGooHaera #Jinyoung #789 #b1a4

Later, Jinyoung posted another photo asking fans to tune in to the newest episode of Mnet‘s Perseverance Goo Haera which stars the idol along with Min Hyorin saying, “Today at 12 o’clock will be Sechan [Jinyoung’s character] and Haera’s duet! ‘After I Met You’ will be released ~~!! Ha ha please listen to it alot^^ Today, please watch Perseverence Goo Haera live ~~! After I met BANA ~~~ ♡<– ha ha #Jinyoung #789 #PerseveranceGooHaera #AfterIMetYou #b1a4 #bana

Jinyoung and Min Hyorin’s “After I Met You” music video was released earlier last month. The duo paired up again for a second OST music video for “Oh My Love” which was released on February 6th.

It seems Jinyoung is working very hard on his drama and is showing a lot of love for his dear BANAs. Welcome to Instagram Jinyoung!