Jisoo completes Lovelyz with “Lovelyz8” teaser image

Seo Jisoo completes the eight lovely teaser images for Lovelyz’s Lovelyz8 comeback! 

On September 8th, Jisoo completed the first round of teaser images for Lovelyz8 as she officially makes her debut as a singer with the group. Jisoo, who was unable to make her debut with the group lat year due to a controversy of malicious rumours, was the last member to be introduced for their comeback promotions, posing similarly to the teaser images previously released.

With Jisoo cutely posing with her eyes posed amidst a light blue background was the eight member to be introduced following Kei, Jiae, Jin, Yein, Sujeong, Mijoo and Baby Soul.

This will be the group’s first set of promotional activities as eight members, however, a confirmed album release date has not been officially released.