Jisung continues filming despite losing his voice on the set of “Kill Me, Heal Me”

It has been revealed that Jisung suddenly lost his voice on the set of his current drama Kill Me, Heal Me.

On March 9th, Jisung’s agency Namoo Actors stated that the star suddenly lost his voice while filming on the 3rd and that he was diagnosed with acute vocal edema.

The agency stated that Jisung is very upset that he lost his voice so close to the ending of the drama. He was worried about the fact that the shooting would get delayed and returned to the shoot against his doctor’s orders.

They continued, “Jisung feels a strong responsibility for his work. When those around him suggested he rest for a bit he simply said, ‘It’s more stressful for me not to be able to act’.”

A staff member from Kill Me, Heal Me said, “The scene we were filming had to be recorded during the day so it couldn’t be stopped. Jisung knew this and hid the fact that he was sick. Even during break, he was looking over the script and picturing the next scene. We were all touched at Jisung’s thoughtfulness and passion.”

Source: MyDaily