JJCC’s Eddy impresses with news of military service despite dual citizenship

JJCC’s Eddy Oh has been gaining much admiration upon revealing that he has already completed his two years of mandatory military service, despite the fact that he is entitled to a dual citizenship.

The issue of idols and the military has been a sensitive issue for a long time, with many fans dreading the day their beloved idols leave to serve the country for two years. Many men have gone to great lengths to avoid the commitment, from physically harming themselves to faking mental illnesses, which has made Eddy’s declaration on the May 16th broadcast of SBS Power FM’s Cultwo Show that much more admirable.

In response to news of Eddy having successfully fulfilled his two years of service, MC Jung Chanwoo stated, “There are many who use a dual citizenship as an excuse to be exempt from the military. So the fact that you served despite this truly means something.

Eddy replied, “I heard that one could learn many things from military service. I chose to enlist in order to give myself a reality check,” garnering appreciation for his humility.

JJCC debuted in 2014, receiving much attention as the idol group that international superstar and long-time K-pop fan Jackie Chan had produced. The boys did not fail to impress, with their debut song “Everyone Is Like This At First” receiving an incredible response both domestically and internationally for its mellow vibe, showcasing the talents of each member flawlessly.

Their latest track, “On The Flower Bed,” is a remake of the 1989 hit of legendary artist Jung Hun Hee, with whom they also appeared on the radio show. The track was beautifully remixed into the mellow style that fans fell in love with them for, even featuring the original artist herself.

Source: MBN