Jo In Sung receives lovecall to join SBS “Roommate”

After a successful stint in the drama It’s Okay, It’s Love, actor Jo In Sung receives a public love call to join SBS hit reality show, Roommate

In an interview with OSEN, Roommate PD Park Sang Hyuk made a personal request and offered Jo In Sung a fixed spot in Roommate. Backing up his offer, he was quoted saying, “I noticed he’s experienced home sharing before through his drama “It’s Okay It’s Love” so I think it will be cool and he would have more fun if he experienced the real thing.” 

He ended the quote sending a personal message to Jo In Sung saying, “I’ve heard that there are many lonely stars out there and we always welcome lonely stars. Call me anytime.”

Meanwhile, the second season of Roommate is currently under renewal as they change their airing date at 11:15PM KST on Tuesday nights, instead of Sunday. If confirmed, Jo In Sung will be joining current Roommate members g.o.d’s Joonhyun, GOT7’s Jackson, KARA’s Younji, Lee Guk Ju and more.

Source: Chosun