Jo Kwon’s Instagram post gains attention in midst of Changmin’s leave from 2AM

After news broke of Changmin leaving 2AM, Jo Kwon left a meaningful post via Instagram.

As Changmin is the third member to leave JYP Entertainment, leaving Jo Kwon to be the only member of 2AM in the agency, Jo Kwon posted a meaningful message via Instagram.

His photo showed Simpson characters with the character Bart writing “Keep Going J.Kwon” on Homer’s head. He also added the caption “Keep Going..” to the picture. After his post, many fans cheered him on telling him to be strong and keep going.

Check out the netizen comments below regarding his post below.

Keep Going ..

A photo posted by J.KWON (@kwon_jo) on

[+674, -18] Is Jo Kwon like Kangta of SM Entertainment?

[+465, -16] Fighting Jo Kwon. Let’s be strong!!

[+427, -11] Well Changmin can always do his activities as Homme.

Source: InstagramComments: News N via Nate

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