Jo In Sung and Song Ji Hyo makes fans’ hearts flutter with their playfulness

Old footage of actors Jo In Sung and Song Ji Hyo joking around on set has been rediscovered by fans and is making their hearts flutter. 

The footage, which was taken on the set of their 2008 movie Frozen Flower, shows Song Ji Hyo making a comment that causes Jo In Sung to playfully attack her with a brush. He then proceeds to stand up before wrapping his arms around her as they both laugh about the situation. Although the clip is quite old, fans couldn’t help but notice the strong chemistry between the two. Check out the clip below:

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[+ 53, – 2] Why is this making my heart flutter

[+ 50, – 1] Heol isn’t this during ‘A Frozen Flower’? Actors have such strong mentality…… (Referring to the fact that the two shot an intense sex scene during the movie)

[+ 35, – 1] Jihyo unni dresses down so much in Running Man so she feels like a friendly neighbor..but in the end she is of a different world…ㅎ

Source: Pann

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