Join Koreaboo on KakaoTalk Plus Friends and get EXCLUSIVE updates!

Koreaboo joins KakaoTalk’s Plus Friends account as the first and only international K-Pop website, sharing updates on all the trendy and viral news from Korea! 

KakaoTalk is the most popular chat application used in South Korea, and is often featured in dramas, movies, K-Pop music video and more!

Celebrities even share their friendly and hilarious chats on KakaoTalk with other idols, with Girls’ Generation, Red Velvet, SHInee, 2AM, EXO-K, CNBLUE, Wonder Girls and more also having a Plus Account.

Koreaboo will be sharing not only the trendiest and most viral photos and videos from Korea, we’ll also be sending you what’s trending on Korean forums and chatrooms. Now, you’ll be able to stay connected with what’s happening in Korea faster than ever!

We’ll also be sharing our account with our celebrity and idol friends, allowing you to receive updates DIRECTLY from your favorite idols!

Stay tuned for an EXCLUSIVE GIVEAWAY of autographed goods on our KakaoTalk Plus Friend account as well! ^^

How to add Koreaboo on KakaoTalk:

Step 1. For those who don’t already have KakaoTalk (WHAT?! Hurry up.. like.. now!!) you can download it here. Here are some links for their most popular apps.. but there are also versions for OS X (Mac) and Windows! 🙂

iPhone | Android | Blackberry | Windows Phone


Step 2. Now the steps get really easily. Just click on the search button at the top (or bottom, for iPhone users!)  and then the “ID Search” button!


Step 3. Search @koreaboo (You have to use a lowercase k!!) and ADD US! 😀