Jokwon causes worry over self-harming post on Instagram

Jokwon has gathered mixed reaction after one of his recent posts on Instagram caused worry from his fans. 

On September 4th, Jokwon caused alarm after he posted a self-harming photo on his personal Instagram account. Although the update can be taken into a different perceptive, fans got worried as it featured a person trying to create the word “HAPPY” over its scars.

Although Jokwon didn’t provide a context to the image having posted it with no caption, fans have flocked to his personal page and left encouraging comments to the singer, especially towards the sensitive topic of self-harming.

Jokwon has never missed a beat in updating fans of his daily activities including broadcast appearances, support for fellow JYP Entertainment’s artists and more. Prior to news of 2AM’s disbandment early this year, he has been busy attending Kyunghee University’s graduate school on top of his individual broadcast commitments.