Jonghyun takes selca with fans after winning first on M! Countdown

On the 409th episode of Mnet’s M! CountdownSHINee’s Jonghyun took the first place trophy over Mad Clown with his solo debut title track, “Deja Boo.”

The January 22nd broadcast ended with another victory for Jonghyun. Upon winning the award, he took a quick selca with the live audience, holding up his trophy as he showed off his fifth music show win, acting on his promise. As he promised the special MC Lizzy, if he won first place he would take a photo with the audience. This fan service made the crowd cheer with joy as he celebrated the win with them.

He later tweeted this photo along with a more comedic one to thank fans for their support. In the selca, the idol left a grateful message reading, “[the camera] shook T.T thank you for the first place<3 <3 <3.” The second message appears to be a photo sent by Super Junior’s Heechul. Heechul and TRAX’s Jung Mo are pictured right in front of the television as they watch Jonghyun win his trophy. This image is captioned, “A photo that Heechul hyung sent as a congratulations kkkkkkk JungMo hyung and Heechul hyung!! Thank you kkk But another idol’s albums in his hands..!? kkk I shall find you to give you a CD<3<3,” showing the good relationship among the artists.

In addition, Heechul posted his own version of the photo on his personal Instagram again sharing Jonghyun’s victory with Instagram followers.

Other performances of the night included Hello Venus, Eddy Kim, Davichi, HIGH4, JJCC, G-Friend, SONAMOO, and U-KISS.

Check out the messages below:

김정모랑 녹음하다가 종현이 1등하는 장면 목격함. 축하한다 무대를 맛있게 살리는 종현아!! 내 동생 종현이 오! 오! 씨리어쓰겐! 사진 속 니가 종현이 누난 너무 예뻐서 결국 종현이 떨어져 깨질듯한 투명한 종현이 But 내 손엔 왜 러블리즈 앨범.. 그리고 김정모의 손을 보면 알겠지만.. 사실 우리들의 대화 내용은 이랬다. “오 종현이 일등” << 1초 정도 축하. 그 후.. “얘네가 여자친군가?”, “오오! 맞다! 대세대세 여자친구! 유리구두 노래 개좋아!!”, “유리구슬 아니에요?”, “아.. 유리구두는 내 팬싸이트 이름ㅋㅋㅋㅋ” 암튼, 종현이 1등 하는거 볼라고 틀었는데 여자친구 봄. #개이득 #MnD #여자친구 우린 또 열심히 녹음을.. #종현이가내머리보고그분닮았다고함 #공룡새끼어떻게혼내지

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Source: Star N News