Jonghyun reveals the reasons behind his collaboration with Zion.T, Iron, Wheesung and Younha

SHINee’s Jonghyun talks about the collaboration tracks from his debut album Base as he explains the reasons behind their featuring.

On January 8th, Jonghyun held his debut showcase Base of Jonghyun at SMTown, Coex Artium in South Korea, where he met with the press to introduce his solo material and talked about his future plans on stage.

During the interview, Jonghyun talked about his collaborations with Zion.T, Wheesung, Iron and Younha and further asked on his standards on selecting such featuring. To this, he revealed that, “I chose the artists who can express the songs well. I also had written a song specific to an artist.”

As the song “Deja-Boo” was first introduced along with the featuring artist Zion.T, he explained that, “This song was purposed with a flavor of hip-hop. For that reason, I had kept in mind of Zion.T’s voice when I wrote the song. I had also added on various aspects to the song while recording to fit in Zion.T’s features.” 

The statement was followed up by his description with singer Wheesung, whom he collaborated with for the track “Hallelujah” and confessed Wheesung is his idol and the artist that he respects greatly, further adding that, “I got a lot of inspirations from Wheesung. There were a lot to learn from the songs he had released. I had contacted him out of blue to ask for his help.”

“Crazy,” the title song from the album featuring rapper Iron, Jonghyun explained that, “We did not know of each other personally, however, I was first suggested the artist through my company. I reproached myself of not being able to think of him earlier.”

Meanwhile, Jonghyun also talked Younha whom he collaborated with for “Love Belt” and revealed that he wanted a female vocalist for the track. He further explained that he was interested with her distinct, cool vocals and warm emotions after listening to her songs with Epik High.

Jonghyun met with his fans and the press though the showcase and has embarked on his solo promotions since. His first solo album Base will be officially released online on January 12th.

Source: TV Report