Jonghyun shows off his collection of trophies obtained by “Déjà-Boo”

After winning multiple trophies for his debut track “Déjà-Boo,” SHINee’Jonghyun shows off his large collection of trophies through his SNS.

Making his solo debut with the song “Déjà-Boo,” Jonghyun gained much love for his track, winning first place one after the other on multiple music shows. Taking all the trophies back with him, Jonghyun uploaded photos on his Twitter account showing off the amount of trophies he had obtained for the track.

In the images, Jonghyun is sitting cross legged on the floor with one trophy in each hand while the rest sits in front of him. The singer puts a smile on his face with his eyes closed as Minho takes a photo of him.

Some of the trophies included wins from Music Bank, Music Core, Inkigayo, and more. Meanwhile, SHINee recently released a teaser for their upcoming Japanese single “Your Number” which will be released on March 11th. Following the releasing of the single, the group will move to hold their special tour in Japan on March 14th and 15th.