Joo Won reveals that he does not like when women wear skirts

Actor Joo Won has revealed one of his greatest and rather surprising pet peeves when it comes to women—he does not like it when they wear skirts!On the October 30th episode of KBS Happy Together: Season 3, actors such as Joo Won, Ahn Jae Hyeon, Shin Joo Hwan, comedian Kim Ji Min, and entertainers Kim Na Young and Hong Suk Cheon guest-starred on the “Fashion People” special.

During the episode, when Joo Won was asked about his rather interesting view on women in skirts, he replied, “I don’t really like or enjoy skirt-fashion on women. It looks uncomfortable.”

The actor continued, “Coming from a background of being a theatrical major during university, a lot of my [female] classmates had nice body figures [when wearing skirts]. However, to me, it always just looked uncomfortable. I also didn’t know where I was supposed to lay my eyes and whatnot, so I’d always nag at them to wear some pants. Then one day, because of my constant nagging, they all showed up wearing pants.

MC Yoo Jae Suk hilariously responded to Joo Won’s explanation, “This is only possible because the person nagging is Joo Won. If any of the rest of us said that, people would tell us to mind our own business and to stop bossing them [around on what to wear].

Source: My Daily

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