Joon Park shares a silly airplane selca with fellow g.o.d members

Joon Park of g.o.d has shared a silly photo of himself and his fellow bandmates boarded on an airplane getting ready to depart to the United States!

On November 5th, Joon Park uploaded the photo onto his Instagram account with the caption, “Yooo~! We, g.o.d, the five eagle brothers, are getting ready to leave for our LA concert in America~! LA Staple Center and NJ Prudential Center, wait for us man~!

The star included a second caption, in English, that read, “Yo~~~~ We g5d are off ta LA for the Staple Center Concert Friday Night and the Prudential Center concert Sunday night!!! West Coast and East Coast… here WE COME!!!


In the photo, Joon Park shows off his masculinity with his arms spread out in front of him to snap the shutter while the other members are posing cutely behind him. Danny Ahn is sporting adorable round-lens glasses while holding up a peace sign, Son Ho Young is smiling brightly into the camera from directly behind the photographer, Kim Tae Woo is showing his silly “dumbfounded” face, and Yoon Kyesang is smiling for his fans while sitting back and relaxing with his neck pillow.

Many fans of the group and netizens left positive comments regarding the photo, saying, “Our Eagle 5 brothers are so adorable,” “I guess they shine brightly both in Asia and the Americas,” and “g.o.d, please release another album soon!

Subsequently, Joon Park posted a short tweet to his Twitter account with another photo with the caption, “Juuust Landed at LAX… TOUCHDOWN!^^,” letting his followers know that the group arrived safely in California.

Source: OSEN