Joon Park shows off his wedding ring in his tux

Soon after revealing he was finally getting married, g.o.d‘s Joon Park showed off his wedding ring in his latest Instagram update.

Looking handsome in his black tuxedo, Joon Park points towards his wedding ring, which is highly noticeable against his bronze skin.

He writes, “Wow~ Cant believe I get to wear a ring now~!^^ It’s a lil odd feeling cuz I have fat fingers but I’m sure I’ll get used to it soon~^^ And I’m sure a lot of you are curious of what the bride looks like… well once all the pics come out, I will be sure and post some here of us before the wedding next month~! Also remember that you guys are not losing g5d’s oldest bro BUT gaining another family member~ BBBAAAMMM~!!!!!^^”

Joon Park will be marrying his girlfriend of 13 years on June 26th.