Jun Ji Hyun’s first kiss scene with Hugh Jackman

An interview with actress Jun Ji Hyun reveals the first actor she had her first kiss scene with and it is someone you would not expect! 

MBC’s Let’s Go Video Travel recently conducted an exclusive interview with actress Jun Ji Hyun while in the middle of her promotions for Assassination.

Through the interview, Jun Ji Hyun reveals something many fans might have mistakened until now. While talking about her onscreen kissing scene with Korean actor Kim Soo Hyun in the film The Thieves, the actress explains that, “Many people mistakenly think that my first kiss scene was with actor Kim Soo Hyun but I had my first kiss scene with Hugh Jackman.


She explained that Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman had a cameo role in the film Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, and that is when she had her first kiss scene as an actress. When asked about the kiss scene with Hugh Jackman, she answered “I thought to myself. Did I save the kiss scene all these years for this?”

Meanwhile, netizens who read her confessions immediately left comments such as:

[ +395 / -14] That’s right, come to think of it Jun Ji Hyun was an actress without any kiss scenes after debut

[ +290 / -18] Wow Hugh Jackman..! Ji Hyun unnie is the bomb

[ +258 / -7] She didn’t have a kiss scene with actor Cha Taehyun in My Sassy Girl? wow

Source: TVReport