Jung Il Woo shows his bowling skills in latest Instagram update

In his latest Instagram update, actor Jung Il Woo shares a video of him having a good time while bowling.

In a recent post on his Instagram, Jung Il Woo showed off his bowling skills to his fans. In a dark, blue, back lit light, Jung Il Woo’s silhouette can be seen getting ready to make a strike at the pins.

Displaying his well poised pose, Jung Il Woo shows every moment leading up to the point where he lets go of the ball but never really reveals how many pins he hit. With the slow motion suspense of the video, Jung Il Woo prepares his fans for a moment of anticipation and leaves it as a mystery of whether or not he made a strike.

The update was a hit amongst his fans and followers and has commended the actor for his skills in bowling.

Jung Il Woo played roles in many dramas such as The Night Watchman’s Journal and Moon Embracing the Sun. Additionally, he acted in the popular drama by tvN, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop.

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