Junsu outraged after event host insults him and fans on stage

JYJ’s Junsu recently took to expressing his disappointment and slightly reprimand an MC who was allegedly rude and disrespectful to Junsu and his fans during the opening ceremony for the Goyang International Flower Exhibition. 

On April 23rd, Junsu had made an appearance in his childhood hometown, performing “Loving You Keeps Me Alive” from his musical Dracula after affectionately telling fans, “I lived in Goyang ever since I was young. I am happy to have been invited to such a great event. My father had made a request that I come too, but in the end I decided to come to this event as the spokesperson for a good cause.” 

However, during the event, SBS announcer Park Sang Do, the MC for the day, allegedly ridiculed and mocked the artist and his fans continuously.

Reports claimed that before Junsu performed, Park Sang Do told fans, “If you want to hear Junsu sing, you have to be good. If you’re not good, I’m going to send him back.” 

In addition, the MC supposedly mocked the artist after his performance, making sarcastic comments such as, “Shall we call him out again? If he can’t sing another song, then it’d be nice if he could atleast come back and say goodbye,” “Did he really leave? Even though there’s still time left? Even though there’s three congressmen who are still waiting to say their congratulations? Wow, the Hallyu wave is really scary,” and “I guess next year, if we have a bigger budget, Junsu will sing three songs.” 

Evidently Junsu was displeased with the situation as he later took to his Twitter account, calling out the announcer and writing, “Mister MC, I don’t really know who you are, but I think you should show some more manners. Putting age formalities aside, you were very disrespectful towards both me and my fans.”

C-JeS Entertainment has since then released a follow up statement supporting Junsu, “In regards to Junsu’s tweet for the MC at the Goyang Flower Exhibition, it was a comment he made after the MC had made many insults toward Junsu’s loyal fans who had been waiting for him. Junsu just wanted to express his opinion about the matter. 

SNS is a place where people can express their thoughts, therefore Junsu had no intention of steering the situation to one side, so please understand. Junsu never asks for a large sum of money as a performance fee when he’s performing as a spokesperson.”

You can catch some of their interaction and Junsu’s performance below:

CJes formally requested that announcer Park Sangdo make an apology stating, “Announcer Park Sangdo said somethings while hosting an official event. His words could be taken as offensive and therefore he needs to apologize.”

Announcer Park Sangdo soon apologized saying, “I am sorry for what I said I will not try to make excuses for myself”

Source: My Daily