Junsu (XIA) blooms like a “Flower” in his 1theK “#Hashtag” interview

JYJ’s Junsu (XIA) takes part in 1theK‘s #Hashtag interview series to talk about his recently released solo album Flower and more.

In the beginning, Junsu acknowledges the coincidence that his 3rd solo album was released on March 3rd (3/3) as well as in the year he’s turning 30 years old. When asked where the best place to write music is, the singer replied, “At home, on my bed.”

He continues, surprisingly revealing that he writes songs when he’s doing other things because it helps him focus better. For instance, “License to Love” — another song off of his album — was written on his phone as he was getting a foot massage.

For the prompt “What’s not normal about yourself,” Junsu solemnly replied “I have trouble memorizing names.” He admits that“For the dancers who’ve been with me for five years, I still get their names mixed up.” 

He jokingly finishes this prompt with “Just think of it as a disease!”

Check out his fun interview here!