Justin Park returns with revamped cover “SOLO” (Jay Park) remix ft. Megan Lee & Demi

Rookie Korean-American artist Justin Park is back with another cover, this time with a revamped cover collaboration of Jay Park‘s “SOLO.”

For his latest cover project, Justin Park has recruited the vocal talents of Megan Lee, star of Nickelodeon‘s Make It Pop, and developing artist and label mate yUng Demi.

Putting in his own flavor in “SOLO” with his self-written English lyrics, “SOLO” is additionally rearranged by ST5A‘s Edward Shin who takes in Justin’s signature sound to blend in perfectly with the individual styles of Megan Lee and yUng Demi.

Justin Joon Suh Park is a talented young male R&B vocalist who hails from Southern California.  He is currently signed under ST5A (Studio 5A), a music label based in Los Angeles.