JYJ’s Junsu sheds tears during his first on-air performance in six years

JYJ‘s members have been on a tough career path ever since leaving their debut veteran boy group TVXQ of SM Entertainment. Recently, Junsu, with teary eyes, stood on stage for an on-air performance for the first time in six years.

After years of absence from music shows, Junsu performed on Space Sympathy for EBS on May 1st. Junsu opened the stage, “This is Xia performing on a music show for the first time in six years. I really hoped to perform in a compact space where the sound could echo like this… the program also helped my dream come true.. I am so happy. I will make this time an exchange of mutual feelings.”

The singer performed to “Love Is Like Snow,” “11 o’clock,” “Golden Star,” “Love Kiss Me Alive,” “Butterfly,” and “Flower.” Junsu showcased his improved live vocals, stage manner, and flamboyant emotions through his special music line-up. In particular, some of the songs performed MR accentuated his vocal talents.

Following, Junsu commented, “As many of you here today would know already, honestly, during the six years that I didn’t perform.. I will quote it ‘I didn’t’ because it’s too sad to say ‘I couldn’t’… it is true that it was very difficult, not being able to appear in music and variety shows as a Korean singer. Previously, I prioritized or even cancelled some shows because I had to star in so many. But now, I can’t receive those contacts anymore. With times of resilience, I was able to stand here today. It’s truly very tiring. It’s difficult to even perform on stage. I don’t know why it has to be this difficult… that is why I cannot forget today and this time.”

Although Junsu was relatively composed throughout his performances, he showed emotional tears during his very last stage for “Uphill Road.” The singer’s tears embodies his difficult times and gratitude towards the fans for the past six years.

Congratulations to Junsu on his first performance on-air! In the meantime, you can take a look at his stunning performance.

Source: Osen