K-netizens lose it after Uee reveals her 19+ preferences on tvN’s “Taxi”

141314Korean netizens have begun criticizing After School’s Uee after she delivered a surprising comment regarding her personal sexual preferences on the latest episode of tvN’s Taxi.

Aired on February 4th, Uee appeared on the show with actor Choi Woo Sik as part of their promotions for their new drama, A Pushover’s Love. During their segment, Uee shared her thoughts on the topic of true love, revealing, “I want to love passionately.” 

The MCs then asked the singer and actress to tell the camera what made her so attractive, she stated, “I lose during the day and win during the night.” This is a saying well-known in Korea that implies allowing your lover to have their way during the day, but having your way at night.

This open and honest statement has received criticism from Korean netizens, who dubbed this as an open sexual statement from Uee, and have left comments saying, “My eight year old nephew asked me what she meant and I couldn’t say anything. She basically said she has aggressive sex,” “Did she realize that as soon as she says those words, it’s like admitting to the nation that she’s had sex?”, “So basically, ‘I’m good in bed,'” and “Does she realize she just said, ‘I’m a slut’?”. 

You can view the clip of the segment below:

Source: MBN