K-Pop Idol SISTAR’s Soyou Reveals Her Sad Tale Of Extreme Weight Loss And Dieting

SISTAR’s Soyou is getting mixed comments after she revealed the worst diet she has ever been on. 

Appearing on the program 1 versus 100 on KBS, Soyou revealed that the worst diet she experienced was when she lost 8 kilograms in month. She also detailed that the diet included not having any carbohydrates or salt, eating only 4 quail eggs without the yolk, low fat milk and salad without any dressing.

Soyou also shared an instance where she was given a watermelon to eat, held it and cried that if she ate the fruit everything she had worked for would disappear.

Netizens who have seen the episode immediately reacted to Soyou’s extreme diet regime and proved that diets are just simply a fad and for the short term.

Image: “1 Vs 100” / XSportsnews

Source: XSportsNews